RENEW Project Documentation

Version 1.0

Reconfigurable Ecosystem for Next-generation End-to-end Wireless

Getting Started

We provide a set of tutorials that cover RENEW hardware, RENEW software, and some introductory material to digital and wireless communications.

Hardware Quick Start

Power, connectivity, bring-up, and SD card configuration

Software Quick Start

Install SoapySDR and all of its dependencies.

POWDER Massive MIMO Quick Start

RENEW is part of the POWDER project run by the University of Utah. A set of RENEW Massive MIMO base stations have been deployed across campus and are available for public use. Here we provide a tutorial on how to get started using the RENEW software and hardware on POWDER.

Digital Communications Primer

Basic introduction to digital communications, wireless, OFDM, and MIMO.

Last updated on 30 Oct 2019 / Published on 12 Feb 2019