RENEW Project Documentation

Version 1.0

Reconfigurable Ecosystem for Next-generation End-to-end Wireless


RENEWLab is a software suite, comprised of several flows and components to provide ease-of-use and flexibility to users in terms of the environment they design and run their experiments.

RENEWLab Python Development Suite

A Python-based development flow that allows users to rapidly prototype physical-layer and radio-level test applications.

RENEWLab MATLAB Development Suite

A Matlab-based development flow including python-based matlab drivers for FAROS and Iris that allows users to quickly develop physical-layer algorithms using matlab toolboxes and test them over-the-air.

RENEWLab C++ Development Suite

The C++-based development flow offers a set of projects for real-time transmission and reception, including an uplink/downlink beamforming framework as well as a sounding framework. The sounding frameworks is ready-to-use. The beamformer framework is in-progress and will be published soon.

Note: Notice that the project hierarchy shown in this documentation follows the hierarchy used within the repository.

Last updated on 26 Nov 2019 / Published on 12 Feb 2019